Personal share of Grow, Grow, Grow … and Chop Away!  ✂️

For nearly 3 years, I’ve grown my locks (though with regular trims) so I could donate the cut to a charity for it to be used in making real hair wigs for those battling cancer.


Because I’ve seen how hard it’s been for my closest loved ones and what a difference these wigs make to confidence as they fought for their health.  These wigs are not a short-term companion, as they continue to be used long after treatment stops, as hair can sometimes take years to grow back.  Confidence also takes time to return,

And this week, the chop finally happened.  Goodbye over 7 inches!

I very much hope others will consider doing similar, or encourage those ready to cut their long hair to donate their locks (not just bin!).  Whether a child or adult, we have the ability to give a very special gift to someone in need; all it takes is our time and patience.

Yes, growing it out can be frustrating but nothing compared to fighting cancer.💕✨

(My charity of choice was The Little Princess Trust)

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