Your past does not dictate your future. Turn your impossible into the possible.

Live your life fully, and learn to dance in the rain!

I understand how hard it is to manage life’s situations, not be dragged down and stop us in our tracks. I also have had to heal and find ways forward to thrive once more, both professionally and personally; my life has seen me face and overcome numerous experiences that have been intertwined with physical, emotional, mental pain.

Though, all these experiences didn’t mean my life had to go down a certain route – there’s always choices to be made and we all have the ability to change path.

Such thinking, determination and passion, combined with positive attitude and mindset, have empowered me to live a life filled with incredible experiences, adventures and fulfillment.

I would, of course, rather some experiences had not occurred in the first place. But I would not change these now – after all, they are are a part of who I am, giving growth, insight and highlighting a depth of inner strength we sometimes don’t believe is in us all.

If you’re here then chances are you’re looking to make positive changes to your life, regardless if personal, business or a mix of both. You have the desire for transformation – and are keen to find out how to do it.

  • Discover how to gain clarity, build confidence and move beyond whatever is holding you back.
  • Get ready to say farewell to old emotional and physical pain.
  • Learn how you can use your experiences in a more positive way.
  • Discover how to open your mind to new possibilities and live a more fulfilling, motivated life.
  • Become more motivated, productive and fulfilled in all areas of life, personal and professional.
  • Discover how to better manage thoughts & emotions, which will ultimately see you responding to situations differently, more healthy, and changing potential actions and outcomes.
  • Improve your health and wellbeing.
  • Have a stronger connection to who you really are, and travel a path that is right for you.

By working together, you will discover how to bridge the gap from current reality to desired, and transform your mindset, wellbeing and life.

Gillian x

The climb

Life-changing events can cause physical and mental trauma. I’ve learned that if you don’t pay attention to your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, the pain will linger for a long period of time and becomes intertwined into present day. Such pain signals no longer serve us, but remain overly alert as we have not yet fully processed and allowed such pain to subside; to heal.

In 2008, I broke my back due to a horse-riding accident. I initially experienced short-term paralysis, emergency surgery, and learnt to walk again while also having to adapt mentally to a very different way of life. I have since undergone many surgeries to stablilise my spine, and still to this day, I have to be mindful of what I do to avoid further triggers.

But this accident and the life-changing results do not define me, they only add to my tapestry of life.

I have a unique understanding of what it is like when an earth-shattering event comes along and completely knocks you off your feet. But I’ve also weathered redundancies, health scares, bereavements, mental health challenges and relationship breakdowns so I’m well aware of how the knocks of life can hugely impact you self-confidence, clarity and purpose.

That said, I’m happy to know what it’s like to stand on top of mountain tops, including Kilimanjaro, my heart swelling with happiness, knowing I continue to turn the impossible into the possible.

Every step counts

Combining my academic studies, professional training, corporate experience and personal journey, I offer my clients a safe environment to explore possibilities and learn techniques to help them gain clarity. I support them to move beyond any historical emotional and physical pain, as well as their self-limiting beliefs, to release blocks in their way. My conviction is that whether I’m working with a full business overview, a team or a single person, the individual comes first because we’re all different.

As an experienced, accredited transformational and mindset coach, mentor, Neuro Linguistic Programmer and OldPain2Go practitioner, my role is to support you on your personal journey. One where you can reconnect with your true self and your values, and learn the skills you need to define and keep your boundaries in place.

Life is short enough, let’s live it as fully as possible.

What can you expect from me?

I am committed and passionate to helping my clients transform their lives; to move from being stuck or held back, to find the path that feels true.

In my mind, the client relationship is critically important to gain the best results and it’s essential that this relationship is built on openness, honesty, trust, engagement and action. Without these pillars, wonderful transformations would be hindered.

As such, I am very clear on what you can expect – and not expect!

I am also delighted associate coaches have now joined the Usana Mindset team, each offering wealth of experience to help you on your journey.

Usana Mindset values

  • Be Attuned – I’m keenly aware of the interplay between body and mind, and the energy that surrounds us. By being attuned, we can make positive choices, enabling a more harmonious balance is achieved. This is my life – I have been there, I live it now.
  • Movement – whether metaphorically or physically, from a shuffle to huge strides, I believe in taking action to enable forward momentum. Leave the past in the past, pave your path forward to the life you desire.
  • Responsible – in addition to my coaching and NLP qualifications, I am a trained Mental Health First Aid practitioner, all of which give a deeper awareness of mindset and trauma, and where other professional help may be required.
  • Nature – we are surrounded by the noise of life, and I highly encourage clients to get outdoors, switch off from emails, calls, texts, and allow themselves to be grounded in the moment.
  • Action – I want my clients to succeed, so I give relatable and relevant work to do alongside my sessions. No change means no change; it’s time for action!
  • Courage – I know how daunting the thought is of taking steps into the unknown. I inspire my clients to look beyond perceived boundaries, to reignite the self-belief and take courageous steps where necessary, whilst also celebrating achievements along the journey.
  • Wellbeing – all too often, we can focus on helping others, even to the point that is detrimental to our own health & wellbeing. I work with clients to bring clarity, awareness and build confidence, whilst also giving greater focus on improving and safeguarding their wellbeing.

Shhhhh, I am not:

  • Passive – I’m hands-on and I encourage the same mindset in my clients. I am an action-taker, I am passionate about life, and share this energy with all. You will soon discover it’s rather contagious!
  • Business coach – I’m not here as your business coach, looking at the nuts and bolts, strategy and guidance. However, our coaching partnership will give you head space to move forward.
  • Stuck in the past – I delight in progress, fresh energy and forward movement, and it’s a privilege to help clients achieve all and more. This is achieved through NLP and other coaching methodologies.
  • Isolated – I believe in connection with other practitioners and love highlighting their unique expertise alongside my own. The beauty and benefits of lifelong learning touches many lives.

What’s your story?

That’s all about me, I’d love to know more about you. Please drop me a line or book a call