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Two local businesswomen have joined forces to offer an all-encompassing coaching programme to business owners and senior managers across the north east in 2023. Gillian Fowler of Usana Mindset, and Brenda Hector of ActionCOACH, will be drawing on their complementary combination of skills to deliver a transformational coaching course for a growing number of business professionals. 

Official figures show an increase in the number of registered businesses in Aberdeen City and Shire over the last year, while across the UK, the number of businesses being set up jumped by 18% in the first half of 2022.   

“We know that 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, which rises to 60% within the first three years.  At a time of challenging headwinds for businesses and individuals, it’s imperative that organisations are armed for success,” explains Gillian.  

“Running a successful business or a large department relies on a combination of organisational skills and traits, as well as having and maintaining the right mindset,” she continues. “Integrating this business acumen with a curious and positive mindset is the holy grail, and it’s why Brenda and I decided to team up and pool our skills and services – she brings the strategy and organisational focus, while I help individuals unblock what might be holding them back, developing the confidence, clarity and positivity they need to transform both their personal and professional lives for the better.”  

Aimed at business owners, decision makers and senior managers across all sizes of organisations, the six-week programme, “Transform Yourself, Transform Your Business”, will comprise one and a half days of workshops, two individual coaching sessions with Gillian, two individual coaching sessions with Brenda, and ongoing support for the duration of the course.  

“Our two-pronged approach to coaching will give participants a fresh perspective on their personal and professional lives and teach them new tools and techniques to help them increase productivity, focus and results,” explains Brenda. “Ultimately, we want to empower individuals to take action and progress towards the outcomes they really want. We’ll help them develop a clear vision and set personal and business goals, but it won’t always be easy – sometimes the route to success involves stepping out of your comfort zone!” 

“Our workshops and one-to-one sessions are about self-discovery, removing self-imposed obstacles to change and getting connected with our goals,” continues Gillian. “It’s amazing how much we hold ourselves back sometimes. It’s all too easy to hope our lives, both business and personal, will move in the direction we want them to, but hope alone won’t make things happen – vision, clarity, commitment, passion and accountability are key to making those desires a reality – and we can help with that. When small businesses thrive the economy thrives, and our programme aims to help firms kickstart 2023 on the right foot and achieve their fullest potential. Get ready for insights, learnings, action and change!” 

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