I would like to give a shout out – and a huge THANK YOU – for a wonderful community effort to help those in Ballater.✨

Like thousands across the UK hit by Storm Arwen, the residents of Ballater, in upper Deeside, Scotland, are all currently cut off from heating, power and as such, hot food and drinks. All shops remain closed.

Ballater saw the company Fish n Chips 2 Go serving hot food and drinks all day, plus there was additional hot drinks being offered in the Hub, Town Hall.  I have since discovered it was Scottish Hydro Electric that arranged the food van service, giving much-needed support, even more so given the wintry weather.  (Well done, and thank you!)

To all those that were involved, thank you – it was incredible to see such help offered, and the positive impact it made to many lives. Furthermore, all food and drink was complimentary.

Snow was falling on / off during the day, temperatures stayed under 0c, and I’m sure the hot food and drink have helped to safeguard the health of residents.

From myself and on behalf of my family members who stay in Ballater, thank you so much. It’s the kindness from such companies and communities that help enormously in such challenging times.💕

May everyone impacted from Storm Arwen have power and heating connected very soon, that your properties are intact and most importantly, your health does not suffer.

Thoughts are with you all x

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