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2 hour session

Leave the course with clarification on what your boundaries are and how to secure them in place. We look at the weak points in maintaining healthy buffer zones and connect to your deeper why in order to reinforce them. Discover the confidence and techniques you need to take action.

Usana Mindset’s Create Boundaries Masterclass is a short, yet insightful session which will make you take an honest look at your life now and what you desire, and why it’s not only important but essential to have boundaries.

There is a misconception that boundaries could perhaps somehow hinder growth. This is not true; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Each and every one of us require us to be clear on our boundaries and why they are needed so that we can not only grow but flourish in life.

This masterclass will bring focus back your values and beliefs, allowing your re-connect to what matters to yourself so that you can make decisions on what is best for you going forward.

Are you ready to create and maintain boundaries, and pave the way forward with clarity and awareness of areas to work on?

7-week group transformation workshop

A deep-dive workshop helping you to gain a rooted connection to your core. Understand how your current foundation can be changed to support and nurture your authentic self. This is about strengthening your self belief, identifying your key values and identifying and reinforcing your boundaries.

Keying into the power of participant collaboration, we move forward as a small group. We learn about much-needed buffer areas, pain triggers and inner healing. Using visualisation to bring greater clarity, we tune into the language we use and harness the power of the mind.

An important part of the process is establishing a roadmap for the way forward, so that each participant leaves confident in their next steps.

4-week group session

Providing a step-by-step strategy to heal from historical pain, this course is designed to help you to move beyond the cause and regain control of your life.

You will learn how to turn down the dial on unhelpful memories, thoughts, emotions and resulting reactions, both now and into the future. The aim is to get you to a place where you can look beyond specific events or environments to find peace of mind and happiness.

Thrive again, confident that the old pain that has sapped your energy for so long is in hand.

New course for 2022 coming soon!

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