forest walk sam downes july 2022

Ahhh, nature really is 🤩🏔…

Having busy days and with lots of things buzzing around in my mind, I know that for me, there’s no better way to bring peace and re-energise than head out for a walk!

Out in nature, away from calms, emails, texts is quite frankly magical! ✨ It doesn’t need to be hills and mountains, any walk is great.

It’s so lovely to also share the magic with others; to have great chat, see the big smiles and find peace from all that’s going on.

Last evening was a true delight, with Sam Downes of Doqaru Limited and I enjoying a forest walk in the glorious sun, chatting away, and literally walking off any stresses and pressures. 🤩

Busy days can be mentally and physically tiring, and we can all find our own ways of distressing and finding harmony once again.

The key is find what serves you best and make time for this. Make time for you.

Have a great remainder to the week. ☺️

Gillian x

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