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Free yourself from limiting beliefs …⭐️

🔅What if you could achieve all you desire? What if you could change the status quo of the current reality and shift to what you wish?

🔅How different would your life be, both personally and professionally? 🧐

🔅What’s stopping you from having this, or moving close to this?

Nothing, apart from mindset and the sphere you operate within! 🤯🌸

Even if you don’t how to make the change you wish, perhaps you don’t have the finances, knowledge, support network, confidence, the first step is focusing on what you want.

Now connect into this.

I don’t mean just let thoughts pass through the mind. Deeply connect.

Why do you wish this? What’s the deeper reasons?

Map it out. 🔅

Imagine yourself having already made the transition and enjoying what you so very much wish. Picture every aspect. Write down every detail. And read your notes every day, adding as you go.

What would be different between your life now and the future desired life?

Work backwards … what had to happen at various stages of time to enable this positive change?

Break details down further so smaller steps. Write each out and now reflect…

What’s stopping you from taking the first steps?

Begin now! 🦋 You can begin this transition today. Right now.

If you really want something, and it aligns with your purpose, values & beliefs, your subconscious will already be helping you, highlighting new ways to move forward. 🥰

Keep visualising, writing, drawing, reseeding, learning around all you wish. Keep focused.

And if you wonder how your desired change cha happen, reach out. I’m here to help every step of the way. 🦋💖

Gillian x

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