by Gillian Fowler

As published in Energy Voice, April 2022

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April 7th marks the World Health Organisation’s World Health Day, where this year’s focus is “Our planet, Our health”. It states that “global attention on urgent actions (are) needed to keep humans and the planet health and foster a movement to create societies focused on wellbeing”.

But where do we start?  At a time when we are facing unprecedented financial pressures, on top of what has been the most challenging two years due to the Covid pandemic, the impact is proving devastating for many, with health and wellbeing greatly impacted.

For many, the feeling of overwhelm, stress and general worries will be common. However, for the sake of protecting our health and wellbeing, it is important to yes, be fully aware, but so is ensuring we do not allow ourselves to obsess on everything that’s happening.

It can be hard to change focus but try to look at what can you do in your own personal circumstances.

What are the choices, decisions you can make? What can you control and influence? What do you want? What do you need? What can you do to safeguard your health, the health of your loved ones? What can you do to make your own personal world a happier, healthier place?

Worrying about what may or may not be, or the environmental, external factors that you have no direct control or influence on will only add to your worries and drain your energy.

Use your energy wisely. 

Improve your own personal world.  Make a conscious effort to protects your health and wellbeing, and those that you care about.  Make choices that help protect our planet. Be clear as to what you can control and influence, using your energy for the greater good.

By reframing your thoughts and actions, you are already travelling on the much-needed path as called upon by WHO, and to which will bring you greater peace.

Energy Voice article, April 2022

Energy Voice article, April 2022

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