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As published in Energy Voice, December 2022

Spend your time wisely, it’s a finite resource

As we come to the end of another year, it seems 2022 has been one that has gone full speed, with so many people sharing it’s as if the year has been condensed.

We are all very aware, yet often overlook, time is a finite resource. It’s something we may wish for more of each day, in a week, and also in our life in general, especially when something shakes us to the core, such as a health scare, bereavement, relationship breakdown, and worries surrounding loved ones.

But alas, we cannot get time back, we cannot top up our time reserves, and no one knows what reserves we have.

Though, if you did know your life’s time reserves, would you continue as you are, or what would you do differently?  With the knowledge of limited time, what changes would you bring to your personal and professional lives?  What would you prioritise, what all become the focus and passion of your life?  With such changes, would you be happier, more fulfilled, healthier?

You cannot manage time per se, as that is going to tick away regardless, but you can manage how you spend your time.  Never forget, everything you do, every activity, has a direct cost on your time, therefore if you are wasting your time on activities that give no benefit, richness and productivity, it’s time to replace such activities with what will make a positive difference to your life.  

Do what truly matters to enrich your life; become connected with who and what matters, and use your time for related activities. For example, this may be spending more, quality time with family and friends; leaving a job you may be unfulfilled or unhappy in so you can do something which gives you greater purpose; go travelling; committing to a challenge which also brings health and wellbeing benefits; making sure your home by 6pm to have time with the family; undertaking studies to develop your career.  The list goes on, and only you know what really matters to you.

Whatever you set your sights on, please make sure it is not just about money. After all, riches and success do not just come from pay packets and big corporate deals, but how you live your life – and the impact can be far-reaching. 

And if you are wasting precious time, stop!  It’s time for change. Be honest with yourself, prioritise, prepare and take the leap of faith.

Make this Christmas the one where you begin using your time as a precious commodity, one that will not only enrich your life but those around you.   

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