walk in the hills and glens

When you become attuned to what makes you happy, gives good energy and helps rebalance the mind and body, I suggest you always make time for such things!

From a young age, I have always been acutely aware the positive impact nature has had on me. My mind settles, I can work through thoughts and emotions easier, and I always find a way forward in even the most challenging of situations. But not just that, being out in the great outdoors is like an energy boost; the power of nature recharges me and I find incredible peace.

Through good and the more challenging times, I am a better version of myself thanks to heading outdoors.๐ŸŒ„

I certainly don’t take the healing, calming, clarity feelings for granted, and I’m aware that in all the years I have been on this planet, nothing helps me more than being in nature. Not only is it beautiful (and wow, it truly is here in Scotland), but for me, I also get space from the noise of life … I am able to have a break from from endless emails, calls, texts, messages, as well as people around us, to take a step back from the busyness and gain perspective.

Heading outdoors gives me peace, perfect peace!

Whether there’s lots spinning in my mind, or I just in need of some quiet time, off I head for either a coastal or forest walk, or up into the glens and hills – all of which will see me literally walk off anything that’s going on. My mobile goes on flight mode, pictures are taken, and the only sounds are from the birds, trees and other wildlife.

By the time I return home, I always feel stronger, more upbeat and clear on steps forward.

I’m aware of not everyone has yet found what helps bring head space; to also bring peace, positive energy and rebalance, and perhaps even aiding renewed strength or self-belief.

I have spoken to numerous friends and family over the years about such things – what helps you? What serves you well during the challenging times? What gives you a boost even during calm, happier times?

So I ask you:

  • What works for you? And please don’t shrug off or dismiss. Think about what truly works for you – and not just for a fleeting moment.
  • What helps you find peace in the storm so you can best handle all that’s ahead?
  • What brings you joy, positive energy, smiles and clarity even during times of calm in your life?

When you become attuned to what really does help, make this becomes a regular part of your life! ๐ŸŒŸ

Taking time out regularly to re-energise and rebalance the mind & body isn’t selfish – it’s a way of ensuring you can be the better version of yourself, which helps you and all those around you, regardless of the good or more challenging times. You are also giving yourself the gift of helping to safeguard your wellbeing. ๐Ÿ’•

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