Working with Gillian has really helped me re-evaluate my life, and find a sense of clarity and direction that I was missing in everyday busyness. She is patient and intuitive and while she asks difficult and challenging questions, she manages to do that in a way that feels supportive rather than threatening. Her sessions and follow-ups leave space for thought, discovery and self development, there are no ‘must do’s or rigid ‘how to’s which allowed me to really focus on what worked for me in all aspects of my life. She has helped me reframe my role of mother / professional, striking a much better balance. That alone has transformed my home life, strengthen my relationship with my young son and brought so much joy into my life.

I have worked with professional coaches in the past but have generally found their methods too rigid so the effects were short lived, Gillian’s approach is quite different and I would recommend her to anyone.
Louise Andrew, Scotland
My coaching sessions flew by and I cannot explain how much more positive my outlook is on life.  Gillian helped me through some really tough personal issues, and I have managed to come out of the other side with a smile on my face.  Taking a step back and looking to the future, made me focus on what is really important and gave me a focal point of where I wanted to be.  Cannot thank Gillian enough.
Karen, Scotland

Gillian worked with me on a one-to-one basis using OldPain2Go and NLP techniques for anxiety. The session itself was lovely, and at times emotional. Gillian was compassionate and held the space whilst I worked through the emotions that were coming up for me. We ended the session with a technique, which was really relaxing. As it was a session for anxiety, it was difficult to know immediately if there was an impact. However, later that week I was faced with a situation that typically would cause me to react – and I found myself in control of the situation. I felt empowered! We had a follow-up session more recently, and as part of this we worked through a pyramid exercise.

Gillian’s questioning was so powerful, and I felt like we really got some answers from my subconscious around my values and purpose. Thank you so much Gillian for sharing your skills and knowledge with me; the sessions were wonderful.
Sarah, Scotland
If only a picture could tell the full story….
On Friday afternoon (22nd July 2022), we closed the office early at 4pm and headed out Loch Muick for our evening activity as part of the group of six taking part in the Walk & Talk session organised by your amazing Usana Mindset.
A guided walk with such an experienced guide such as yourself, Gillian, would be great by itself, but add to the mix your unique life coaching methodologies which for this activity were simple questioning as individuals, as well as while we all rested together, the walk & talk does exactly what it says and so much more.
During the walk, we often split as a group which allowed us individually to get space to think in our own way and with the occasional thought provoking questions from yourself in what was a most natural method of coaching I’ve ever experienced.
The countryside, the wild life all around us was just majestic.
Walking + Talking + Life Coaching = Usana Mindset.
Thank you so much Gillian
Ian MacIntosh, CFN Solutions
Gillian knows how to lead a fantastic session. She encourages you to think for yourself and allows your needs to guide her advice and guidance. She provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to allow you to engage fully, and she was great at knowing the opportunities for her to listen and speak to enable you to gain the full personal experience and begin your journey of self-discovery and remediation. She provides sound advice and guidance that enables you to feel the confidence to go forward and challenge yourself comfortably to improve your mindset and wellbeing to exactly where you aim to be. I could not recommend Gillian more highly! ( Walk & Talk session )
Stuart, Scotland
As ever Gillian’s empathy & compassion shine through each session & make me feel supported & heard. I felt that the session was useful to me & consequently felt ‘lighter’ at the end – as if a weight had lifted. Gillian is always very encouraging & good at reflecting back positively & the achievements that I might otherwise overlook or take for granted.
Pam, Scotland
I always feel Gillian really listens and asks questions to understand specific feelings and situations, and I appreciate that so much. Gillian always helps me to identify small achievable goals that make me feel I’m progressing and making positive change.
Emma, Scotland
Gillian helped to restore my positive mindset, and has given me the desire and drive to continue my journey, but have a lot more positive energy within myself.

I can only thank Gillian and would say that you do not know what people are thinking sometimes, but if your family & friends are needing that guidance or encouragement to see where they are or how they could become more positive, and really value themselves, then I could not recommend Gillian & Usana Mindset highly enough.
Bruce Milne, Forfar, Scotland
After listening to Gillian’s talks for a few weeks and taking some time to reflect on myself, I realised that I needed to make some changes and decided to work with with Gillian.
After the relentless impact on retail over the past 2 and a half years, I found my confidence to be at an all time low and found myself questioning my own abilities and feeling isolated and not sure which direction was forwards. This had also started to impact my personal life as well.
Over the weeks I worked with Gillian, I found that Gillian was able to help connect me to my deeper purpose through some challenging coaching sessions and really made me think about myself on a deeper level, Gillian asked a number of thought-provoking questions and continued to establish my true views/feelings/thoughts through this. I found the sessions to be a mixture of everything Gillian’s talk about in her weekly presentations and the constant notes taken which Gillian promotes, as well as the practice tools provides a reference point for when I feel I may be sliding back to previous mindset. I had found over the weeks with Gillian that I managed to grow my confidence back and also come with a fresh new perspective on both my professional and personal life.
I have a new focus and determination and have found my confidence and self-belief again. Myself (and Jo) can’t thank Gillian enough for our sessions and the outcome. I can confidently say I would not be in the place I was today without Gillian’s fantastic sessions.
This testimonial cannot do the incredible work of Gillian justice enough and I could talk for much longer about the positive impact Gillian has had.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Gillian, and would happily to talk to anyone about the profound impact Gillian has had on my life.
Iain Morrison, IWM Communications
When I started working with Gillian of Usana Mindset. I was lacking in confidence, stressed and overwhelmed due to some personal issues and business challenges. We spoke about where I might want to be in terms of confidence in the future, setting one particular goal of me speaking at a business networking meeting. I must admit even speaking about the goal made me uncomfortable and I actually thought I probably wouldn’t ever get to that point. After working with Gillian – I stood up in a room full of business owners and spoke confidently, for me this was a massive step forward given just how difficult I viewed this challenge before, just one example of how Gillian’s sessions have helped me.
Not only has Gillian helped me gain confidence she has given me strategies I can apply in both business and my personal life to cope with anxiety, shift my mindset and to move forward from some very challenging personal issues. I can’t thank Gillian enough for how much she has helped me heal and grow over the past few months.
Ruth, Bio Clinic, Scotland
I feel enlightened, empowered and already welcoming the positive change that is bringing me closer and closer to what I want in life. Thank you so much, I wouldn’t even haven known where to start, but furthermore, the techniques I have learnt are literally life-changing. I now believe I can achieve what I want!
Lynn, England
I had a discussion with Gillian around issues related to self-confidence and imposter syndrome. Gillian took me through a visualisation technique designed to address these issues, and as a result I feel much better equipped to take a more self-confident approach in my future interactions. Gillian’s story is inspirational, and her approach is personalised and personable. I would definitely recommend Gillian to anyone who is looking to improve their levels of self-confidence and develop mechanisms to enable them to be more positive in their outlook.
Mark McDonald, Scotland
I scheduled in a session with Gillian as I felt I needed help with anxiety and a more positive outlook. Gillian was welcoming and made me feel at ease. She explained the process and how important it was that I felt comfortable. Before the session I was feeling slightly stressed and was also feeling nervous. I definitely was not feeling positive regarding lots of thing that I have going on in my life.

The session began and it wasn’t long before I felt relaxed and could visualise where I want to be. Gillian helped me to create a positive image of my future and dispel any negative anxieties I was previously having. After my sessions I felt really well. I wasn’t overthinking anymore and I felt more confident and felt much more in control of my feelings. So for me these session was very much needed.
Carolyn, England
I was really struggling with boundaries in my professional life – I wasn’t happy with where I had ended up, but I wasn’t really sure how I got there or what to do about it. The boundaries masterclass came at such a fortuitous time for me. In the space of a single hour, via some simple but thought-provoking exercises, Gillian was able to demonstrate that I didn’t have to just put up with feeling stuck. I wasn’t powerless and positive change was not only possible, but necessary. I literally took action that same week to start re-addressing my boundaries within my working life and although I have a long way to go, I couldn’t have even taken the first step without Gillian’s support and guidance.
Lisa, Scotland
I suffer from extreme anxiety, triggered mainly from exam / test environment. I can’t think straight, I panic and I just cannot get through the event. I so want to stop my anxiety dictating and ruling outcomes, so reached out to Gillian for NLP to help overcome this. And wow, my normal anxiety levels are 10/10, even just thinking about exams make me go to that level. Gillian’s approach and carefully chosen techniques saw me manage to reduce anxiety to 4/10. I can’t remember ever feeling having so much control. The same day, I purposely went and did an oral exam as I felt so good – and sailed through! Thank you!
Libby, England
I attended Gillian’s ‘Walk & Talk in the Hills’ session. The weather meant a change of route was necessary, but this did not phase Gillian and she had a stunning back-up route ready to roll. The session enabled me to focus on some of the issues I am currently juggling – both personally and professionally – and introduced me to the concept of mind-mapping, which helped me to disaggregate the various areas I needed to think about. Too often everything that is affecting us ends up being brought together as one tangled ball of different threads. Gillian’s expert coaching helps to untangle these threads so that you can separate them out and focus on building a range of effective strategies for each one individually. I have no hesitation in saying you should sign up for one of Gillian’s future sessions if you’re a fan of great chat and achieving clarity amidst stunning scenery!
Mark McDonald, SquarePeg Consulting
The session was fabulous – thanks so much for sharing you knowledge with us. I really appreciate it … you were top of my gratitude list this morning. ( Building Boundaries Masterclass )
Sarah, Scotland
Cannot stress how great your sessions are, and how much I recommend. Tonight’s hour guided us through at a perfect pace, and will prove beneficial for work and personal life. Thank you.
Jill, Scotland
A great session and very eye-opening! Reflecting, I noticed communication was a big factor in a few of my boundaries that need to establish … but that it also was / has been a barrier outwardly for me as often I’m not saying how I feel I’m either anticipating being let down or hurt. So interesting. Thank you so much.
Leanne, Scotland
Gillian leads fantastic sessions, she REALLY listens. Her calming influence puts everyone at ease and makes for a positive experience. Great advice and tools given. Thoroughly recommend!
(Build Strong Foundations workshop)
Anne, Scotland
I attended Gillian’s class on Creating Boundaries and I found the session to be fantastic.

Gillian was hugely engaging and struck the right tone between presenting information and getting us to be active and involved which is amazing over zoom. The exercises were fun and engaging and also a little bit of a giggler (I’m never winning awards for my stick men). Gillian was thought provoking and the course had a clear purpose in that it left me with a few thoughts and clear actions to take away and work on. I would happily recommend Gillian and her creating boundaries masterclass course to anyone. Thanks again for the course, Gillian
Iain Morrison, IWM Communications
Gillian’s knowledge in her field is second to none and it’s great to be able to step outside the box and see things from a different perspective.  Mindset is so important to how we perform on a day to day basis and Gillian is passionate about helping individuals to reach their full potential and be the best versions of themselves. I would highly recommend Gillian.
Kerry Smith, T28 Transformation
I booked onto Gillian’s Walk and Talk in the Hills, which took us round the beautiful Loch Muick, with a group of like-minded ladies. I saw the opportunity to have some time away from my business, the day to day stresses of everyday life, and put some time in for me.
I was so glad that I did! Gillian led a very peaceful and comfortable walk, where we shared some personal stories, some struggles over the last couple of years, and so life altering revelations; all of which came out in natural conversation, with thoughtful questioning from Gillian.
I would be the first to say that I wouldn’t normally be open to a mindfulness session, or even consider booking a coaching session as I am naturally a private and sceptical person. However this didn’t feel like either, it just felt like a conversation with friends.
What I took from the session is the need to set myself boundaries, and identify opportunities for time away from the pressures of life, and I am already planning how I can do this.
If you have been wondering whether the Walk and Talk sessions are for you, I would urge you to give it a try. Gillian is an expert at making you feel comfortable to talk openly, without prejudice, and makes the experience a thoroughly enjoyable one. Thanks, Gillian!
Kelly Forrest, Forrest Training
I recently attended Gillian’s Creating Boundaries masterclass and found it really beneficial. Gillian was great and the workshop was very interactive, and got us thinking about our current boundaries and identifying ways to move forward in a helpful and non-daunting way. I would not hesitate to recommended Gillian’s workshops to friends.
Ailish Smith, Tinto Architecture
I reached out to Gillian at Usana Mindset last year (2021). I struggled with anxiety and confidence due to lots of changes in my life. Gillian really helped me change the way I approach things and create boundaries. Gillian is very kind, caring and so knowledgeable at what she does. I cannot thank her enough for all her help. I am in a much happier place in life now and feel I can accomplish anything!
Amy Tait, Scotland
What an amazing experience!  My first Hill Walk and I was doubting that I would be able to keep up but Gillian made sure that we were all going at our own pace with time for rest and reflection.  I came away from the walk with lots to think about and a potential solution to where I want to go with my next business venture.
Thanks Gillian!
Tracy Franz, SmartPA
Gillian is an inspiration and the wellness walks with Usana Mindset are an absolute must!!

Having not climbed a Munro since the birth of my third child and trying to find more time for me and look after my wellbeing, I knew I was in safe hands when I signed up for this amazing adventure. Our walk up Lochnagar ticked every box I could imagine, the laughter, support, confidence building and most of all the smiles and sense of achievement made this a very memorable day and I look forward to many more.

Thank you Gillian & Usana Mindset.
Laura Mearns, Northwood Aberdeen
I drove up from Liverpool to attended one of Gillian’s mindset retreat weekends and I can say it was definitely worth the trip!

Day 1, we started the day off with a beautiful river walk which I can say was a great way of meeting the rest of the group, followed by a day of breathing meditations and setting values and beliefs which enabled me to discover my true authentic self. I felt really comfortable speaking my truth as I knew I was in a safe space. I took a lot away from the day which has allowed me to review and reflect on which path I need to take to move forward.
Day 2 we headed out for the hills for a walk and talk, which for myself was a challenge. However the weather was kind and I enjoyed a beautiful scenic walk at Lochnagar with some amazing people. We shared our stories and encouraged each other along the way so was definitely worth it after all. 

So thank you Gillian for a fabulous weekend xxx 😊🌄
Carolyn, England
I recently went on one of Gillian’s ‘walk & talk’ hill walks. 
What a brilliant way to step back from the day-to-day business (and busyness!) and gain some quiet reflective time as well as have a lot of fun and laughs!

At what was nearing the end of a very busy, challenging and progressive year in business, the walk was particularly timely, providing me with a much-needed opportunity to SLOW down.  As I walked and talked up a lovely snowy Kerloch hill, I was able to reflect, gain some clarity and celebrate some wins as well as enjoy the friendly company and beautiful scenery.

I love the outdoors, and walking with Gillian not only provides a safe and nurturing environment to talk and share what’s on my mind, but also the benefit of exploring hills and walks I’ve never been on (even when they’re on my own doorstep!) and wouldn’t be confident doing on my own, but would now have the knowledge and confidence to go out and enjoy again!
Thank you for the beautiful guided experience, Gillian.
Debbie Rennie, Instinct Marketing & PR
The last few years have been challenging. I lost who I was, I also lost my relationship, and the career route I thought would always be there.

I felt isolated, mental health was badly effected and I just couldn’t see how I could turn things around. That’s why I reached out and even during what you call a discovery call, I immediately felt safe and there was hope.

My sincere thanks for your patience, support and being there over the months.

My mindset is one that now helps not hinders. My life is far happier, with amazing positive changes that I didn’t even think was possible.

Thank you for all your help Gillian,
Sam, England
After hearing a couple of personal testimonials given to Gillian, I decided that I, too, needed to reach out to Gillian for help.

I was the type of person who wouldn’t open up but also dwelled on the past, so much so, that it was affecting most aspects of my life, especially at home. 

To me, reaching out to Gillian, was deal breaker.

She has an engaging, relaxed manner that draws out of you what you previously wouldn’t let go of. Coming from someone that doesn’t let go, that’s saying something.

She has taught me to look and move forward and to accept the past, you can’t change it. So much so that, yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel but now, it isn’t a train hurtling towards me.

Gillian, I can’t thank you enough.
Steven, Scotland