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Usana Challenge Day was exactly that – a challenge! It was never going to be an easy day for all, yet it was going to be one of brilliant memories!

The group saw us travel from Aberdeenshire, Perthshire and Central Belt, all coming together in Pitlochry as a starting point. We then headed for the first part of the day – hillwalking Ben Vrackie, the Speckled Mountain. The weather was exceptionally kind, though many would perhaps say too warm! What first was a gentle incline then saw a steep section to reach the summit … and wow, the views were spectacular.

Due to higher numbers, we were also joined by the fabulous hillguide George, of MacHardy Mountain Journeys, adding to the support and without doubt, the banter! There was also much discussion, laughter and some hiding as a result of the ‘what’s packed in your rucksack’ chat!

The walk was not technically challenging, but it was in many other ways, and it was brilliant to see all support, as well as enjoy head space from day-to-day life.

We said our farewells to George back at the carpark, where the rest of us then headed off to Kilicrankie for our next challenge, ziplining. A much needed cuppa (and treats) were enjoyed at the local cafe before the harnesses went on, and our minds became focused on what was ahead.

Now, for those who have ziplined before, as I have, I was excited and looking forward to us all swinging through the trees, though there was also the additional thought process of letting the past and ties go. We were faced with an additional challenge at the start of the course – over 20ft climb up a tree using a rope ladder. Hmmm, jelly legs, racing hearts, and rising fears followed … this really was mind over matter.

We all had to dig deep with this second challenge, which already was harder due to the morning activities. Cheering, wooping, wobbles and more cheering were apparent, and I am so very proud of everyone.

Needless to say, the cheeky wee Fish & Chips stop at Pitlochry on the way home was the perfect treat to what was a very special day. (ps, Plaice To Be is the name of this fantastic eatery!!)

The Usana Challenge Day was most certainly a day of pushing outwith the comfort zone, and celebrating personal achievements and life itself. Well done!


Here’s a wee share from Debbie Rennie, of Instinct Marketing & PR:

I had the absolute pleasure of attending Gillian’s Usana Day challenge last Friday.  A small and mighty group of us walked up Ben Vrackie in Pitlochry in the glorious sunshine led by Gillian and supporting guide George.

From logistics, communications, encouragement and planning, the day was perfect.  It took me away from the day-to-day of business and allowed me to step back, reflect and be inspired. 

This wasn’t just a walk and talk in the hills but a complete challenge day as we went on for an afternoon of Zip Lining at Killiecrankie.  Having never done this before it was certainly a step beyond my comfort zone – after all that’s what it was supposed to do – and indeed it was a challenge starting with a significant wire-rung ladder up a tree just to get started.  Gillian and the entire team were supportive and encouraging, and we formed a camaraderie between us all that day.

It was a day built on challenge and growth and it certainly fulfilled this and more with lots of fun laughter and a tasty fish supper in the sunshine and bustle of Pitlochry to round up the day very nicely.  I thoroughly recommend Gillian’s walk and talk in the hills and challenge days so keep your eyes and ears open for the next one, I know I’ll be joining for sure!

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