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Usana Mindset Retreat Weekend at Ballater, Scotland – part 1. 🥰🌸

The first day of this special weekend was Saturday, a calm, reflective day, focusing on mindset, insights and planning the road ahead.

The weather was kind, allowing for a beautiful riverside walk to start the day, before arriving at a special venue base to open our minds and hearts to all the day’s learnings and insights.

This included:

🔅breathwork insights and guided practice

🔅exploring & discovering our authentic voice

🔅re-connecting to values & beliefs, and understanding impact of when these don’t align to our life choices

🔅discussing what are our driving factors; what inspires and motivates us, and what makes us take action

🔅enjoying creative time, giving  visualisation to the now and desired

🔅additional exercises and learnings as a result of topics and shared reflections, questions raised throughout the day.

Thoughts and emotions flowed as we all worked through the focus areas, giving openly, honestly and fully in what was a safe exploring environment.

Trust, confidentiality and support … wonderful foundation for what was a hugely impactful, insightful day that has seen self-growth, as well as clarity and clear steps forward.

Another walk late afternoon brought the coaching, wellbeing day to a close … and then we met up again early evening for a fun dinner, full of laughter, shared stories and plans for moving forward.

Thank you to everyone who attended Day 1 of Usana Mindset Retreat Weekend.💕

For some, the weekend continued to day 2, mountain day. For others, it was time to say farewell for now. 🥰

A special day indeed. 💖🦋

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