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Day 2, Sunday, saw some clients from the Saturday, plus new faces join together for what became a fantastic Walk & Talk in the Hills outing, climbing to the summit of majestic mountain Lochnagar, which overlooks Ballater, in Royal Deeside, Scotland.  

We set out clockwise, to benefit from the forecast of lessening winds by early afternoon. It was indeed a blustery day at times, with just one brief rain shower, though overall the weather was kind, with the wind fading away and the sun did shine most of the day. I was delighted to be able to share the beauty of scenery from the top, as on such a clear day, Lochnagar offers breathtaking views. 

This Walk & Talk outing was slightly different as I arranged for friend and hillguide Garry of Hillgoers to be a part of this longer day out, so he could share his wisdom (and banter!) with all.  Despite me knowing the mountain and area well, it was fascinating to learn more, to not overlook parts of nature and the stories surrounding tree stumps, berries, wildlife, and gain a deeper understanding from a hillguide’s perspective. Garry also gave an extra boost by supplying some sweeties on the descent!  

Great chat was enjoyed by all, with a mix of 1-2-1 and group discussions, all being supportive as legs and bodies tired. It was a privilege to take this group out, hear their personal obstacles, and help guide on steps forward and to look forward rather than focus on the past. 🌟  

I must admit, I’m very excited for what lies ahead for all; life is full of ups and downs, but it’s what we do with these, emotionally, mentally, physically, that can make our feet light as we tread our paths.  I have a feeling some will already be skipping along!! 

Thank you to everyone who took part in the weekend activities – you are quite simply, AMAZING!!! ❤️

~Enjoy the video below!

To find out more about Walk & Talk outings, as well as the upcoming days, please visit: www.usanamindset.com/walk-talk

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