carnferg july 2022 outing

Wow, what an incredible few days of stunning weather, and perfect timing for what has been several days out in the hills; a mix of exploring by myself, with friends, as well as clients. 🌄

Friday was a fantastic day where I headed out for some hours for Usana Mindset’s Walk & Talk in the Hills outing with 3 fantastic ladies – Tina Konstant (Books that grow businesses)Dr Brenda Hector MBA of ActionCoach and Tracy Franz of SmartPA.

I always love Usana Mindset outings, where the special blend of coaching, wellbeing and nature brings something rather magical to our lives. 🌸

Our walk took us to the top of Carnferg, where the views were breathtaking, even more so thanks to the wonderful weather!

There was lots of great chat, insights, some quiet reflection, as well as fresh perspective on current situations.

By the time we all arrived back at our starting point, there were shifts in mindsets, a shared realisation how important it is to take time out to re-energise and rebalance, and an inner calm.

Not to mention, we all had rosy cheeks, endless smiles, numerous photos and a special shared experience which we will all add to our memory banks! 🤩

Please remember, it is not selfish but selfless to take such time out from the noise of our busy lives. If you wish to be your best version, and be able to do all that you plan on doing, then give your mind, body and soul the TLC that’s needed so you can flourish.💕

Thank you Tina, Brenda and Tracy for such a lovely day, and lighting up the world with smiles, stories and laughter.

Gillian x


The next Usana Mindset Walk & Talk in the Hills outing is a lowland walk …

Loch Muick circuit on Friday 22nd July. This will be an evening walk, where we will begin at 5.30pm. 🥰

Reach out for further info.


August outings are fully booked.

September date now live.


And regardless whether you join me for such outings or transformational coaching via zoom, please prioritise YOU, prioritise your wellbeing. 💕

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