Carnferg - 9th June 2023

Hills, glens, sunshine and beautiful 360-degree views … how lucky we are to have such experiences on our doorstep in Scotland!

The recent group Walk & Talk in the Hills outing saw us head up Carnferg, Aberdeenshire, enjoying taking time away from business and other commitments, having phones on silent and being fully present. How refreshing!

For some, this was a particular treat, as it can be challenging to take time off during the working week, yet all agreeing that sometimes it’s imperative to recharge, and that to take such time out actually helps us become far more productive.

Any initial clouds slowly moved away, and we all enjoyed the gentle breeze on our faces during our time of over 4 hours in the great outdoors. There were private reflections, group chat, 1-2-1 shares, as well as camaraderie, laughter and special nuggets of takeaways.

Every Walk & Talk is unique, and it makes for a very special time for all.

Well done everyone and thank you for giving yourself the gift of time to enjoy this day … and open your mind to new possibilities.๐ŸŒ„๐Ÿฆ‹

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