Usana Mindet’s Walk & Talk in the Hills outings are always a sheer delight! 🏔

Yesterday, myself and 2 clients headed off to the hills for a few hours for what was a blustery, brilliant time. ☺️

To disconnect from comms technology, where calls, texts, emails, To Do lists were far from our minds, was powerful for all.

Of course, we still had our phones / cameras as many pictures were taken!

The fast moving clouds over the blue sky gave us ever-changing colours across the hills and Glen.

As always, there was talking and also quiet times too. We were very attuned to nature, and the calming influence and the magic of the great outdoors was entwined with every step. 💕

Usana Mindset’s Walk & Talk outings are very special.

The chat flows, discussions can move in any direction as always the clients remain in control of what to share. There’s always incredible insights, clarity and forward momentum once all return home.

Thank you to Iain Morrison, of IWM Communications, and Mark McDonald, of SquarePeg Consulting, for a fantastic outing. I can’t wait to see the next steps you take on your own paths. 💖


The next group Walk & Talk in the Hills is Friday 8th July … this time, Carnferg, Aberdeenshire.

If you would like to join us for this special outing, please DM and I’ll send you further details.


Usana Mindset, unblocking your path forward to the life you desire. 🦋💖

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