Loch Muick outing - March 2023

The wonders of nature … 🏔️

Last Friday’s Walk & Talk in the Hills saw us enjoy a beautiful walk around Lock Muick.

All being business owners, each client took the decision to take time out to give headspace and re-energise in a way that is proven to be powerful, effective and insightful. 💫

Not only was there great general chat through group and 1-2-1 time, but very quickly a group bond was formed and support given. And of course, we had Arlo to add to the special outing 🐶!!

We were in awe of the beautiful scenery, good weather, and the joy of extra bonus of seeing herds of deer, so many frogs, and the birds who wanted to befriend us for lunch snack!

There was also a bit of splash time too at the top of the loch, with recent storms continuing to impact routes, paths and crossings. However, it added more fun, with Arlo thoroughly enjoying water time and wondering why we were taking our time. 🤣

Thank you ladies for a fantastic outing. Another special day, with many pics, memories and decisions surrounding routes to positive change.

🔅Debbie Rennie of Instinct Marketing & PR; Diana Muzzall of Video Marketing Confidence; Fiona Lindsay of Lindsay Communications, and Sandie MacDonald of Buccaneer Limited🔅

To find out more about these outings, please visit: www.usanamindset.com/walk-talk/

Enjoy the video of the walk below!

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