Walk & Talk

A special way to work through what’s on your mind.

Usana Mindset’s Walk & Talk offering is coaching and mentoring with a difference! If you enjoy the great outdoors, this option is for you!

Whether a 1-2-1 Walk & Talk session or joining a group outing for Walk & Talk in the Hills, you will find being outdoors gives a special experience, one where you are away from the noise of life (including all technology), where you can find peace, work through what’s on your mind, map out a way forward and quite literally, step forward towards what you desire.🌟

Interested in booking a 1-2-1 or private group Walk & Talk session? Email: hello@usanamindset.com

🔅See below for the upcoming Walk & the Talk in the Hills outings that are currently available for 2023.

Winter walks will be added, weather permitting!

Keep an eye out for further outings – these are regularly updated! Autumn 2023 walks to be added soon!

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Walk & Talk in the Hills

Upcoming walks in the hills and glens

Walk & Talk testimonials

I attended Gillian’s ‘Walk & Talk in the Hills’ session. The weather meant a change of route was necessary, but this did not phase Gillian and she had a stunning back-up route ready to roll. The session enabled me to focus on some of the issues I am currently juggling – both personally and professionally – and introduced me to the concept of mind-mapping, which helped me to disaggregate the various areas I needed to think about. Too often everything that is affecting us ends up being brought together as one tangled ball of different threads. Gillian’s expert coaching helps to untangle these threads so that you can separate them out and focus on building a range of effective strategies for each one individually. I have no hesitation in saying you should sign up for one of Gillian’s future sessions if you’re a fan of great chat and achieving clarity amidst stunning scenery!
Mark McDonald, Square Peg Consulting
I booked onto Gillian’s Walk and Talk in the Hills, which took us round the beautiful Loch Muick, with a group of like-minded ladies. I saw the opportunity to have some time away from my business, the day to day stresses of everyday life, and put some time in for me.
I was so glad that I did! I would be the first to say that I wouldn’t normally be open to a mindfulness session, or even consider booking a coaching session as I am naturally a private and sceptical person. However this didn’t feel like either, it just felt like a conversation with friends. If you have been wondering whether the Walk and Talk sessions are for you, I would urge you to give it a try. Gillian is an expert at making you feel comfortable to talk openly, without prejudice, and makes the experience a thoroughly enjoyable one. Thanks, Gillian!
Kelly Forrest, Forrest Training
I attended one of Gillian’s Walk & Talk outings. I found Gillian to be a great host who knew her walking routes very well and also pointed out a few interesting facts along the way. The walk & talk was full of great conversation with Gillian’s usual challenging questions to help provoke some deep thinking, coupled with the great outdoors and a firm no phones policy made for a positive and motivational morning.
Iain Morrison, IWM Communications
What an amazing experience!  My first Hill Walk and I was doubting that I would be able to keep up but Gillian made sure that we were all going at our own pace with time for rest and reflection.  I came away from the walk with lots to think about and a potential solution to where I want to go with my next business venture.
Thanks Gillian! 🙂
Tracy Franz, SmartPA
If only a picture could tell the full story….
On Friday afternoon (22nd July 2022), we closed the office early at 4pm and headed out Loch Muick for our evening activity as part of the group of six taking part in the Walk & Talk session organised by your amazing Usana Mindset.
A guided walk with such an experienced guide such as yourself, Gillian, would be great by itself, but add to the mix your unique life coaching methodologies which for this activity were simple questioning as individuals, as well as while we all rested together, the walk & talk does exactly what it says and so much more.
During the walk, we often split as a group which allowed us individually to get space to think in our own way and with the occasional thought provoking questions from yourself in what was a most natural method of coaching I’ve ever experienced.
The countryside, the wild life all around us was just majestic.
Walking + Talking + Life Coaching = Usana Mindset.
Thank you so much Gillian
Ian MacIntosh, CFN Solutions
Gillian is an inspiration and the wellness walks with Usana Mindset are an absolute must!!

Having not climbed a Munro since the birth of my third child and trying to find more time for me and look after my wellbeing, I knew I was in safe hands when I signed up for this amazing adventure. Our walk up Lochnagar ticked every box I could imagine, the laughter, support, confidence building and most of all the smiles and sense of achievement made this a very memorable day and I look forward to many more.

Thank you Gillian & Usana Mindset.
Laura Mearns, Northwood Aberdeen
Last Friday (16th September 2022), I was part of a group that joined Gillian at Clachnaben for the walk & talk session.
It was a great start to the weekend. It was the 3rd walk I’ve done with Gillian. They are both physically and mentally exhilarating, and has definitely ignited my love for my outdoors.
A lot of us can be so engrossed with work & can’t seem to take a quality break, walks with Gillian are just a few hours or day long, depending on the walk, but it leaves you mentally and physically refreshed.
Her 1-2-1 chats during the walks help you think deeply and outside the box. I’ll 100% recommend Gillian’s walk & talk sessions to anyone looking for a wee break from the busyness of life.
Oyin Adekola, O’Cayxk
Last Friday (11th November), I was part of the group that went on the circular walk at Glen Dye with Gillian.
This was my 3rd time on these walks with Gillian.  I always thoroughly enjoy them as they are always fun, introspective and filled with crazy banter.
We can sometimes be engrossed with work & find it hard to take a quality break. The walks will Gillian are a very productive way to take some me time from work, free up the mental cobwebs and re-calibrate.
I’ll 100% recommend Gillian’s walk & talk sessions to family and friends.
Oyin Adekola, O’Cayxk
I recently went on one of Gillian’s ‘walk & talk’ hill walks. 
What a brilliant way to step back from the day-to-day business (and busyness!) and gain some quiet reflective time as well as have a lot of fun and laughs!

At what was nearing the end of a very busy, challenging and progressive year in business, the walk was particularly timely, providing me with a much-needed opportunity to SLOW down.  As I walked and talked up a lovely snowy Kerloch hill, I was able to reflect, gain some clarity and celebrate some wins as well as enjoy the friendly company and beautiful scenery.

I love the outdoors, and walking with Gillian not only provides a safe and nurturing environment to talk and share what’s on my mind, but also the benefit of exploring hills and walks I’ve never been on (even when they’re on my own doorstep!) and wouldn’t be confident doing on my own, but would now have the knowledge and confidence to go out and enjoy again!
Thank you for the beautiful guided experience, Gillian.
Debbie Rennie, Instinct Marketing & PR