Health & Wellbeing

Transforming your Health & Wellbeing

Usana Mindset’s personal growth transformational life coaching programmes are open to anyone, and offer you a supportive environment to uncover the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back from living a fulfilled and joyful life.

Whether you’re coping with ongoing feelings of anxiety and self-doubt or looking to build resilience when faced with a life-changing event, we offer an open and honest environment for you to delve into the thoughts and beliefs that may be creating roadblocks to your happiness.

Bringing calm and clarity, our personal growth programmes aim to get you tuned into your sense of self and the environment around you. From there, we can help you identify where you may be holding yourself back and the stepping stones that will help you transition to the reality you genuinely desire.

Coaching can involve just a few sessions or a more extended programme, and is completely customised to your needs.

Clients come to Usana Mindset for help with a range of issues or obstacles, including (but not limited to):

  • Stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Life-changing circumstances (e.g. redundancy, relationship breakdown, bereavement, health scare / experiences)
  • Managing exam and interview stress
  • Paving the way to a fulfilling retirement
  • Emotional baggage and the desire to move beyond the past
  • Low / dented confidence and self-limiting beliefs
  • Work and personal dynamics negatively impacting each other
  • To gain clarity and help identify a healthier, fulfilling route forward.

Bringing harmony to your life

Our personal and working lives may feel separate, but alas we are one person and as such, what goes on in one area of our life will naturally impact another – whether this is good, bad or indifferent

Creating harmony between work and personal life may not feel easy or even possible, but with focus and effort, you CAN bring a state of equilibrium, living a life that aligns to your values, beliefs, and safeguards your wellbeing.

Discover how you can improve physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, and transform your life as it is today, including:

  • Building stronger personal relationships with loved ones
  • Gaining fresh perspective on on career outlook, decisions and path forward
  • Building self confidence and awareness of influencing factors
  • Gaining clarity on situations and being able to see a way forward
  • Lowering and even eliminating stress and anxiety
  • Improving communication
  • Improving sleep patterns

You are only one click away from beginning a journey to transform your mindset, wellbeing and life.

Mental Health First Aid training

Each and every one of us has mental health, and when faced with challenging or ongoing situations, this can deteriorate, sometimes without even realising at first.

A Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Gillian is an advocate in being proactive in safeguarding mental health, as well as looking out for those around us, whether loved ones, colleagues or acquaintances.

There are a number of training providers throughout the UK, including Forrest Training, an independent, family-run training centre which offers a variety of training for private and corporate clients. The team at Forrest Training offer 3 Mental Health First Aid training courses which will help raise awareness, encourage early intervention to aid recovery, as well as increase confidence in managing mental health circumstances. Click on the following to find out more:

Please quote ‘USANA’ when contacting the team to find out more about the courses, including booking.

Coaching services

Walk & Talk

Whether it’s a short walk around a local park or a few hours in the hills, Usana Mindset’s walk & talk sessions allow you to share your thoughts and feelings in a relaxed environment surrounded by nature.

Transformational Coaching

Usana Mindset offers bespoke coaching programmes, each ensuring a safe space to explore and gain clarity, build confidence and take the action required as part of your transformation journey.