by Gillian Fowler

Today we mark World Mental Health Day.  This is a day that I feel great joy that we can openly acknowledge and celebrate the subject, yet I am aware I have mixed feelings on where we are on how we are managing this topic.

I’ve recorded the below video, sharing my thoughts and also a personal share on how my own health has recently been impacted.

The video runs for 5 minutes, and I ask you to please listen as you never know, there may be something that resonates that either helps yourself or a loved one.  After all, our mental health state can sometimes show in our bodies in other bodies; learn to look for signs early and act fast.

It’s all very well wanting to do our very best for our loved ones and in the business we work for, whether as an employee or owner, but if we do not have health then we cannot be anything for anyone.

Consider that point, it’s not selfish to put your health first.  It’s essential.  Only then do we have the ability, energy, focus and drive to do our best in all that we face.✨

For now, I have had to reign back on a LOT!  I always thought I was good at putting my health as a priority, but what I didn’t see was the  building pressure from an accumulation of emotional, challenging situations.  When I did see signs, I did take action but it wasn’t quick enough, and so my body stepped in with such powerful force … and to which over the last few weeks, I have been forced to listen, slow down and re-assess aspects of my life.

Please do listen to this 5-minute video. Yes, I don’t have the strongest of voice at the moment and I’m still breathless, but I hope you appreciate the message and the honest share.

Wishing you good health, a strong support network and may the light always shine bright ahead of you.💕

Gillian x

If you have any issues playing via the below, click HERE

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